ExBag® – self-opening tissue retrieval bag

During minimally invasive interventions, organ or tissue parts are often removed from the bodies of patients. The current technique is to collect the tissue in a retrieval bag and remove it from the body with the bag. This method is obligatory to prevent contamination, particularly in the case of tumour resections or, e.g., cholecystectomies.

ASID BONZ has developed the self-opening ExBag® retrieval bag to facilitate this work for surgeons: the ExBag® consists of a highly tear-resistant plastic bag, impervious to liquids, which opens automatically at the surgical site. It can easily be filled, simply and securely sealed and removed.

ExBag® self-opening tissue retrieval bag
ExBag® self-opening tissue retrieval bag
  • Reduction in contamination risk
    Greater safety for the patient
  • Fast insertion of the bag using the pusher
    Trocar can again be used for other instruments
  • “Intelligent” nitinol wire
    Automatic opening of the bag in the operating area
  • Extraction bag remains open after release
    Tissue can be collected without any problems
  • Tear-resistant bag, impervious to liquids
    Specimens can be safely and securely removed from the operating area
  • Individual double sterile packaging (EO)
  • Latex-free
  • Shelf life: 5 years
REF PU* Volume
~ ml
Opening diameter
~ mm
Trocar diameter
011 02 00 5 200   50 10
011 04 00 5 400   90 10
011 08 00 5 800 100 10
011 28 00 5 800 100 12

* PU- (Packaging Unit)